Santosh Kondepudi
Published on
15 Feb 2018
What is Creative thinking and how to be creative?

I need you to be creative in this,

I am expecting creativity….

I want Out of the box thinking…

I want to work with creative people etc. are some of the common phrases we hear in design industry.

This brings us to the question can anyone acquire creative thinking capabilities? The answer is : Yes.

Everyone has the ability to think Creatively, The truth is your brain is constantly generating ideas, how to organize them and apply it in real world is what you learn here . To be creative you need vulnerable and ready to take risks. Creativity boosts confidence as open to failure makes you more strong.

So,What is creativity?

Creativity is a thought, its new, useful and surprising. You can be a creative person who is structured and disciplined in the way you use your brain to generate an idea.

Let us go through some common definitions related to thinking process:

Lateral Thinking:
An approach to creativity that pushes us to look at something familiar in a new way through the use of stimuli that disrupt our normal way of thinking.

To break the myth, the more constraints you have the more creative you can be, So what is it that seems to limit our creativity? Well the answer is a condition known as fixedness.

Fixedness is a cognitive bias that limits our ability to see the world around us differently than what we're used to. There are at least three types. First is functional fixedness.

Functional fixedness makes it hard for you to consider an object doing a job other than what you know it to do. When you see a dry erase marker for example, you instantly relegate it to the job of, well marking. If you could force it in your mind to be available to do another job, you end up with a creative idea.

The second type is Structural fixedness. This type makes it really hard to imagine objects having a different structure than what we're used to. Finally,the third is what we call Relational fixedness. This type of fixedness makes it very hard to imagine two objects having a relationship that wasn't there before.

Highly creative people use patterns, adapt a Systematic Inventive Thinking approach, With SIT, innovation follows a set of patterns that can be reapplied to any product, service, or process. What these patterns do is they channel your ideation process. They regulate your thinking so that you can innovate in a systematic way on demand.

Research suggests men tend to create more aggressive ideas while women are more pragmatic. Working together averages out these tendencies to produce novel and practical solutions

The systematic patterns can be explained in 5 ways:

  • Subraction
  • Unification
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Attribute Dependency
The basis of thinking creatively:
Creativity Basics:
  1. Relevance
  2. Novelty
The degree by which a problem is solved fully.
The quality of being new, or following from that, of being striking, original or unusual.

Methodologies of thinking process:

Divergent Thinking:
Thinking in many ways or ideas for one problem.

Convergent Thinking:
Resolving in one idea from all the ways.

These methodologies help us come up various possibilities of looking at arriving to a solution to a problem and help us in concept development process.
I like to use a template like this, name of idea, description of idea, benefits, the target audience, and challenges.

Finally, “True innovators generate great ideas, but they also use the wisdom of others to help evaluate them”

Hope this helps.