Santosh Kondepudi
Published on
25 Feb 2018
Wildspear Brand identity Design

Task: Brand Identity-Logo Design
Client: Wildspear Pvt Ltd
Industry: Tourism and Hospitality

We are fortunate to have worked on creating Brand Identity-Logo design for Wildspear Private limited, their line of business falls in Travel and Tourism.

Users & Audience
The target users of Wildspear are young professionals and students who have a flair and like for travelling and exploring to new places. These users have a strong preference for adventure, making travel buddies along, seeking real-time thrill and finding peace from breathtaking views nature has to offer.

A key differentiator of this user group is that they are heavy users of Google, various online travel hangouts blogs. They want something that feels familiar, Thrilling and affordable. They are heavily web and Mobile focused.

Team & Role

The project was well received within the company. It increased communication within the company by becoming a rallying point for strengthening internal community. As a result of this experience, We learned that when designing a Brand identity for a new name in the industry, We have to squeeze our brain juices so to come up with marketing intelligence, Competitor Analysis and design trends making sure all strike a proportionate balance which helped us to go smoothly down the line.

Ideation Phase:
We analysed, researched the trends across the globe and came up a with design strategy which is in sync with Clients interests and his Intended audience. Some of these crucial marketing stats helped us in our design and brand Strategy.

  • Travel & tourism market in India is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 7%, during 2016-2021
  • Majority of travellers across India are in the age bracket of 18-24 which is mainly attributed to increase in usage of smartphones and easy availability of smartphones
  • Players are trying to ensure a one stop solution approach to their customers to provide convenience

Our ideation process kicks off on a white board:

We ideated and discussed various possibilities on how to breathe life into the project, balance between Typeface, personality and Color keeping in line with the brand promise. Some of our ideation artboards and the step by step process explaining our approach towards branding Wildspear are as follows:

Different artboards explains different thought process stages that went in designing the Identity of the brand, Mixing convergent and Divergent thinking process (Check our Creativity blogs in our blog section to know more ) We had put the above sketches to work and designed the iterations and the outcomes are pretty interesting!

Option 1

Feel / Proposition: Fun, Social, Holiday, Online, Travel, Modern
Theme: The W in the first part of the logo is redesigned for representing and optimizing the concept of Travel Buddies
First part of the W and the second part of the W represents the hands of two travelers holding each others hands

Option 2

Feel /proposition:Travel Culture, Retro/Vintage, Travel Club, Community, Inspiration.
Theme:This option is dealt with a retro/ vintage style logo as retro is the metaphor for Travel culture. It depicts great depth and aesthetic value to the company and represents Wild spear as a new “Travel Culture” emerging in India. Options:

Other Possibilities

Option 3

Feel/Proposition: Friendly, Inspirational, Classy, Modern, Trustworthy.
Theme: This option is dealt with playing negative space around the subject, this kind of design is slowly picking up pace in the design world, so we thought of applying the concept for clients Identity using negative space smartly.

Option 4

Feel/Proposition: Friendly, Inspirational, Classy, Modern, Trustworthy.
Theme:"Fly all around the world". The Parachute element in the design represents - travel, joy, holiday, traveling together, fun, new, exciting, flying etc. and it signifies travel all around the "world" with Wildspear

Option 5

Feel/Proposition: A gypsy soul is Friendly, Social, travel freaky, one who has Inner Desire to explore the world, always a vagabond searching for something new, a Traveler, on a conquest, one is fun to be with, filled with adventure. The design is minimalistic.
Theme: This Logo best fits for the name & theme of the Company. As proposed, gypsy soul is the one who always wants to find new things/Places in his life. The logo represents an imaginary character that is turned back wearing a travel bag and looking for something new and Exciting

After all the sleepless nights with lot of caffeine that got pumped in our bodies to bring out the best in us, an innovation that for sure inspired to design more.We are finally at peace when the client is happy with our option 3 above:

The One with the Negative Space

We hope you like our project.