Santosh Kondepudi
Published on
25 Feb 2018
Zippy Brand identity Design

Task: Brand Identity-Logo Design
Client: Zippy Car Services Pvt Ltd
Industry: Automobile

We are fortunate to have worked on creating Brand Identity-Logo design for Zippy Car Services Private limited, their line of business falls in Automobile Repair and Cleaning Services.

Zippy car Services is an automobile repair and car cleaning services company, specialized in car cleaning methods by using automated machines which reduces manual intervention. They also cater to A2Z car related services.

Users & Audience

The target users of Zippy are a mix of young,middle aged and old professionals and business man who find it difficult to service their cars for Wash or any other emergency repair services especially on National Highway which is their main USP. These users have a strong preference for Cleanliness, Exhibiting Professionalism,Timely Service,Quick resolution and giving them much needed peace from tensed and confused situation on National Highway.

A key differentiator of this user group is that they are heavy users of Google, google Maps,various other word of mouth sources. They want something that is quick,near,efficeint and affordable.

Team & Role

The project was well received within the company. We discussed the naming options that are relatable,can be recalled and are specific to automobile industry like features,traits which comes to mind for users when they recall a automobile Brand. As a result of this experience, We learned that when designing a Brand identity for a new name in the industry, We have to squeeze our brain juices so to come up with marketing intelligence, Competitor Analysis,different personality traits and design trends making sure all strike a proportionate balance which helped us to go smoothly down the line.

Ideation Phase:

We analysed, researched the trends across the globe and came up a with design and naming strategy which is in sync with Clients interests and his Intended audience. Some of these crucial insights helped us in coming up with a name that can be eaily recalled and memorised.The automobile industry is a mix of organized and unorganized sect and our challenge is to balance both their tastes not too easy and not too classy.

Some names that came up in this process:

  • Agility
  • Swift
  • Cogent,Nimble,Fleet,Prime
  • Zippy Etc

Naming a Brand is as tough as it can be,trust us.

Our ideation process kicks off

Option 1

Feel / Proposition: This logo represents a pure Auto repair company, with all sorts of capabilities.
Keywords: (Gray) Trustworthy & Capable, (Blue) Quality & Purity, Customer Friendly service.
Imapact:It can impact the customers as a classy, modern & trustworthy feelings.

Option 2

Feel /proposition:This logo option is a mix of professional & friendly feel, that serves as a classy image.
Keywords:Clean, Safe, Trustworthy, 360-degree Service, AtoZ, Classy, Minimal, Quick. Impact:The Circle represent Tires & wrenches and the colors used imply Clean, Safe & Trust.
The circles together form infinite symbol which mean they provide infinite services and gives them a chance to scale their services in future.

Option 3

Feel/Proposition: This is a simple, minimal & yet a very good proposition for a service business.
Keywords:Clean, Safe, Trustworthy, Happy, Dependable, Quality
Impact:The tags represent the services and their quality, the Shiny stars represent the cleanliness.

After all the talking, educating and cosying with the client. He finally is happy with our option two which is

Thanks for reading!We hope you like our project.